What exactly is this?

A little story where we present what can be achieved with your server and account.

Your own server for free!

We give you your own free Minecraft server where you can play with your friends can play 24/7! Enjoy the freedom, your own Shape and explore the Minecraft world without worrying about the cost or having to worry about limitations.

Make it a reality!

Set up simply and safely.

Our system is built simply and securely to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Simplicity is the key to good user experience, and our team has worked hard to ensure that everything is intuitive and easy to understand.

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A big dream for world builders.

For many world builders in Minecraft, creating their own world is a big dream create and bring to life. These players are often looking for Challenges and opportunities to live out their creativity and imagination. She want to shape their world according to their own ideas and share it with others. A stable and powerful game server is perfect.

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Get coins in the background.

With us you not only receive coins when you are active on our dashboard, but even while you play. We know that many players don't always have the time being active on the dashboard to earn coins. That's why we have a system developed that allows players to earn coins even when they are AFK (Away From keyboards).

Do you want coins fast?

Choose from a variety of game servers.

Minecraft Java/Bedrock


Minecraft Forge