Now it is turned up, but it remains free!

Running your own game server becomes a breeze. We combine performance and stability with our tools for small game servers up to large networks. Run your server on a modern dashboard with no hassles and top-notch support.

+7.500 registered users

+10.000 created servers

+3.000 solved support requests

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Choose from a variety of game servers.

Minecraft Java/Bedrock


Minecraft Forge

That's in your server

On-Demand or 24/7

Your server doesn't have to be running all the time, you can decide whether your server should switch off automatically or run every day.


Our node is 100% secured with BBN Hosting Protection 24/7 so there will be no downtime if your server is attacked.


You can upload an infinite number of plugins to your server and we support scripts and modpacks